Commercial Brokerage

Our highly professional and experienced Brokerage Team offers respective specialties in every area of the sale and leasing of commercial real estate including office, retail, industrial, and land. From 100 square foot office space to 1,000 acre land tracts, our brokers specialize in thoughtful, relational service, supported by years of professional experience in the world of commercial real estate.


The Tuttle Company Development Team is a full service commercial development team. With over thirty years of successful development projects, we have developed an array of commercial properties. Our development projects include professional offices, retail centers, residential subdivisions, corporate headquarters, distribution centers, industrial parks, and more.

We pride ourselves on the development expertise we have assimilated in our geographic area; and we have developed a variety of projects based on our evaluation of the needs of our market. Many of our projects involve investors who contribute some of the necessary equity to make the project feasible. Our investors often see competitive returns; but ultimately, market conditions dictate the final returns.

We choose the highest quality professionals to team with us to deliver first class developments. We have identified the best firms in the region to carry out the design and construction of site and building improvements. Our goal in every project is to create an attractive, functional, and cost-effective design and then to build the project with an eye toward meeting the client’s needs including total budget, delivery schedule, and overall quality.


Project Management

The Tuttle Company Project Management Team likens itself to the hub of a wheel. Each spoke of the wheel represents a part of the project including architects, contractors, engineers, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, and more. Our primary responsibility is to keep the wheel moving forward.

Our services include feasibility studies (including site search, financial analysis, soil investigation, wetland studies, environmental exploration, zoning compliance, survey verification, utility availability, and more), design coordination (from architect/engineer selection through permitting), and construction management (including financial management, bank coordination site inspections, contractor oversight). Our fee is set at the beginning of the project based on the agreed upon scope of the project so there is no conflict between increasing project costs and our total compensation.


Property Management

Many owners see property management as a necessary evil; but we see property management as a necessary service to insure tenant retention, asset preservation, and cash flow consistency. The Tuttle Company Property Management Team, based in York County, South Carolina, provides a full complement of services including inspections, building maintenance, contract negotiation, bookkeeping, and tenant contact. Our goal as a Property Manager is to make building ownership for our clients as cost effective and low maintenance as possible. Contact Julie Morton, Property Manager, for more information.



The team of professionals at The Tuttle Company have the experience and expertise to assist clients with evaluating a variety of commercial real estate decisions including risk management, financial feasibility, financing options, lease versus own, highest and best use evaluation, market conditions and research, and more. Each consulting assignment is specifically designed to assist the client with providing the information and context to support informed decisions in the commercial real estate arena.

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