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The Tuttle Company Development Team is a full service commercial developer. With over 25 years of successful projects, we have developed a vast array of products. Our projects include professional offices, retail facilities, residential subdivisions, industrial projects, distribution centers, industrial parks, corporate headquarters, etc. We pride ourselves on being the development expert in our geographic area, and we have developed a wide variety of projects based on our evaluation of the needs of our market area. Many of our projects involve investors who contribute equity necessary to make the project feasible. Our investors often see double-digit returns, but ultimately market conditions dictate final returns.

We choose the highest quality professionals to team with us to deliver first class developments. We have identified the best firms in the region to carryout the design and construction of site and building improvements. Our ultimate goal in every project is to create an attractive, functional, and cost effective design, and then to build the project with an eye toward meeting the client's needs including total budget, delivery schedule, and overall quality. Contact Skip Tuttle, Principal and Broker in Charge, to learn more about how our development services team can meet your space or investment needs.
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Project Management

The Tuttle Company Project Management Team likens itself to the hub of a wheel. Each spoke of the wheel represents a part of the project including: engineers, contractors, architects, regulatory agencies, lenders, appraisers, inspectors, utility providers, etc. Our primary responsibility is to keep the wheel moving forward.

Our services include feasibility studies (including site search, financial analysis, soil investigation, wetland studies, environmental exploration, zoning compliance, survey verification, utility availability, etc), design coordination (from architect/engineer selection through permitting), and construction management (including financial management, bank coordination site inspections, contractor oversight). Our fee is set at the beginning of the project based on the agreed upon scope of the project so there is no conflict between increasing project costs and our total compensation. Contact Skip Tuttle, Principal and Broker in Charge, for more information.
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Commercial Brokerage

Our highly professional and experienced brokerage team offers respective specialties in every area of the sale and leasing of commercial real estate including retail, office, industrial, and land. From 200 square foot office space to thousand acre land tracts, our brokers specialize in thoughtful, relational service, supported by years of professional experience in the world of commercial real estate.
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1031 Exchange

Tax deferred exchanges are complicated transactions that require a team to navigate. We have experience in helping our clients identify and close replacement properties while simultaneously selling their current assets. Successfully completing a 1031 exchange requires the use of competent attorneys and accountants in addition to a real estate professional. We can make recommendations for these services and manage the team from start to finish.
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Buying and selling land seems simple. However, our experience shows that negotiating details such as timber rights, zoning restrictions, municipal rights of way, neighbor concerns, utility access, and numerous other considerations is overwhelming to the lay person. Our team is well versed not only in these issues, but also has extensive experience in dealing with the decision makers at the various utility, regulatory, and service providers. No other firm in our region is better prepared to provide the scope and competency of service.
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Investment properties require a specific skill set few real estate professionals possess. Our investment team, based in York County, South Carolina, can help a buyer or seller analyze cash flows, consider tax implications, negotiate loan terms to help make the best real estate investment decisions. We have experience in brokering leased properties, timber tracts, land banks, and TIC shares. Whether a client is an owner-occupant or an investor from out of state, we can provide the service and analysis needed to make a rational decision about the sale or purchase of investment property.
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Retail brokerage is less about what you know, than it is about who you know. Our retail team not only knows available properties and current rates, they also have a wide web of relationships across the nation with retail users and developers. Whether as a tenant or landlord rep, retail brokers must know the key retail developers, owners and brokers in order to negotiate the best deal for their clients. Our retail team has representation at ICSC, CCIM and CRCBR insuring that we identify all the possible locations and/or users to serve the needs of our retail clients.
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Whether a business is looking for 200 or 20,000 square feet, for sale or for lease, numerous questions must be addressed. Our office team can help you navigate the waters of TI allowance, load factor, term, rate, options, lease type (NNN, gross, or something in between), common area expenses, and a myriad of other issues. We can also help clients assess the differences between leasing versus owning. With our vast knowledge of local landlords, available properties, and upcoming projects, we can help both tenants and owners negotiate the best deal.
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Industrial transactions seem relatively simple: clear height, sprinklers, office ratio, and total square footage. However, there are many considerations to evaluate in making the best decision including: financing options, environmental issues, air turns per hour, power supply, floor loads, utility capacities, space conditioning, outside storage, crane options, dock doors, drive-in doors, etc. Our industrial team knows what questions to ask up front to insure both tenant's and landlord's needs are addressed efficiently and comprehensively.
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Buyer Representation

As a Buyer's representative, we can help our clients find the right location for their business. Whether locating a small key man office, or searching for restaurant sites across the southeast, we have both the skill and the relationships to help our clients achieve their goals.
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Pleasure Tracts

Finding the right pleasure tract is not easy. Our recreational land team has the right relationships in the right places to help our clients find the prefect piece of property on which to fish, hunt, plant, farm, retreat, ride or just rest and recreate.
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Listing Services

Contact Bryan Tuttle, Principal and Broker in Charge, to learn more about how The Tuttle Company's brokerage services can be tailored to meet your needs.
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Property Management

Many owners see property management as a necessary evil. We see property management as a necessary service to insure tenant retention, asset preservation, and cash flow consistency. Our property management team, based in York County, South Carolina, provides a full complement of services including physical inspections, building maintenance, contract negotiation, book keeping, and tenant contact. Our goal as property manager is to make building ownership for our clients as cost effective and low maintenance as possible.
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